The Juicer

The juicer is our cracking brand workshop where we help you to discover the core of your business and squeeze out all of your best bits!
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What’s it all about?

It’s an interactive session that will really get you thinking more strategically about your brand messaging. By the end of it we’ll have all the information we need to deliver an authentic brand that looks great and is backed up by a good dose of sense!

Brands with brains as we like to call ’em!

Let’s give you a squeeze!

Make a promise

Let’s think about your purpose. Why your business exists beyond making money? Making a promise inspires trust. Trust is essential to a successful brand.

Give it some soul

Creating a set of core values that define the principles and beliefs, give your brand integrity and heart. They are the rules you live by that enable you to keep your brand’s promise. They create a culture that allows your employees to embody your brand and act out its intentions. Giving your brand some soul is how you inspire trust and connect with people on a human level.

Find a gap

Knowing who/what you’re up against is vital for the survival of your business. Analysing the pitfalls and risks of the market, your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses, but also your own, is a worthwhile exercise to determine where you fit in, and how to compete in your market.

Own it

Now you know your place, it’s time to get noticed and own that gap you’re filling! We help you to find what makes you one-of-a-kind and build your brand around what makes you different. In a world full of choices, your individuality is your strongest asset. It’s that special tanginess that makes people pick you over the rest (aka your USP – Unique Selling Point).

Shape up

Now you know what your purpose is and what makes you unique (which is awesome), we need to figure out who this serves. Who is most likely to need your services and use your products? The answer to that is not everyone, unfortunately! Customer profiling is used to create a picture of your most typical customer. We can then tailor how your brand looks, sounds and feels to interact with them. Your entire brand will be shaped around these people and their needs.

Be consistent

Consistency is the most powerful plan a brand can execute. If you know who you are and what you stand for, then your customers will too! As part of the Juicer, we formulate all the findings from the workshop and produce your brand manifesto. This is your holy grail and contains the recipe to all your good bits. It will serve you well as a reference of how to keep your messaging clear, true to your business and most importantly how to communicate this with your audience.

Come take a sip of our awesome idea juice...