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The juicer is our cracking brand workshop where we help you to discover the core of your business and squeeze out all of your best bits!
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What's it all about?

It’s an interactive session that will really get you thinking more strategically about your brand messaging. By the end of it we’ll have all the information we need to deliver an authentic brand that looks great and is backed up by a good dose of sense!


Brands with brains as we like to call ’em!

"Good design is obvious, great design is transparent"

– Joe Sparano

Let's give you a squeeze!

1. Make a promise
Let’s think about your purpose. Why your business exists beyond making money? Making a promise inspires trust. Trust is essential to a successful brand.


2. Back it up
To maintain trust in your brand, your reputation is key. How you are going to deliver on your brand’s promise?


3. What are your goals?
Whilst your brand needs to reflect who you are, it also needs so be aspirational. Where do you want to be in 3 or 5 years time? If it’s measurable, it’s going to happen!


4. Find your gap
Where do you fit in the market? By using a range of marketing techniques such as SWOT analysis and competitor analysis we can work out where your place is.


5. What makes you different?
Why should people choose your brand over others? Let’s stand out from the crowd!


6. Who is your target customer?
Who is most likely to need your services and use your products? Let’s create a picture of your typical customers so that your brand is tailored to reach these people.


7. Give it some personality!
Applying a set of human characteristics to your brand is how your brand becomes relatable and connects with people.

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Worksop Turbine
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Call us on: 01909 512109