Start-ups businesses - we’ve got you.

We love working with start-ups!

Start-up budgets may be tight, we get it (we were once a start-up, you know) – so creating that great first impression is crucial. It is much easier to build a positive perception from the start than it is to change an existing (less flattering) one!

Where do I start?

If you do not carefully consider your brand before you launch, your product or service could fall flat. Creating a start-up brand is a very complex process. There’s so much to consider from your logo, name, colours, type, voice, message, purpose, website, USP…you get the drift.

Sometimes it may be tempting to just get a logo knocked up and throw some money at marketing and the people (and money) will come flooding in, right? Wrong. Without fully investigating your business identity, marketing campaigns can easily become wasted revenue without a clear and emotive message.

We’re here to help!

Investing in your brand from the very beginning is essential to a successful launch. There’s lots of things to consider to make sure your brand gains traction, builds relationships and shakes up the market! It might all sound a bit scary, but we make the process simple, manageable and enjoyable!

We get your brand started the right way in our Juicer Workshop. We work with you to figure out all the bits that give you a winning plan for brand success!

Start-up projects

Jozara is an online resource and community designed to help theatre professionals throughout their performing career and beyond.

The brand we created for Brewhaus Coffee was tailored to appeal to their Gen Y target market.

Our client approached us with a dream of creating a pizzeria and cocktail bar with an upmarket feel but with a casual atmosphere.