A new direction

A re-brand may be necessary if your businesses needs to take a new direction. A shift in target market or positioning can call for a completely new identity as can a merger, or even a PR disaster, cripes!!

Whatever the reason, a re-brand is a process of re-evaluating and gaining a renewed understanding of your business’ overreaching views.

Don’t know where to start?

Well luckily for you we can help! Our branding workshop, The Juicer, can help you to discover the drive behind the need for a re-brand. Maybe you have a new set of values, need a repair job or maybe your business has just grown out of its existing identity. These changes need addressing by not only the superficial elements of your identity such as your logo, colours and type but the theory behind all the pretty stuff such as the messaging, tone of voice and brand personality.



Freshen things up

Rebranding a business is different from a refresh. A refresh is maintaining your core identity, but just giving it a little facelift. A little tinker may be needed to revive and strengthen an existing identity that is still relevant and effective.

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