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Our Very Own Brand Refresh

Publish Date

December 17, 2020

Post Author

Tom Haslam

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Time for a freshen up

So I decided it was time to refresh OLO’s branding. As I mentioned in our previous blog post, after around 5 years or so I usually recommend to my clients that it might be the right time to freshen things up a little bit. A lot of our clients ask when the right time is and really there is no right or wrong answer. A lot of the time things can look a little bit outdated, your branding isn’t quite reflecting your values, services or products anymore, or maybe your logo just isn’t quite hitting the spot anymore. I like to say that a brand refresh can bring a new lease of life to your business and therefore restore the power in your brand! 

The logo

I started by changing our logo. The previous logo was built around an upper case type with positive tracking (spacing between letters) and of course the OLO orange. After getting some inspiration from various sources and looking at current design styles, I decided to change the logo type (font), use it in a lowercase format and significantly reduce the tracking too. Some might say the complete opposite to what we had before, well it completely is. I also changed the orientation of the OLO orange too, with the letter ‘o’ being slightly more rounded and the leaf element changing direction and alignment with the centre of the orange. 

From a sizing point of view the new logo is a lot more compact, this gives a lot more opportunity to use the logo in areas that might not have been possible before, simply due to the width of it. From a visual perspective, we’re much happier with the composition of the logo, the rounded edge style of the new typeface makes the logo appear a lot softer and therefore provides a friendlier and less masculine feel. 

Our colour palette & brand guidelines

In all honesty, we haven’t touched that colour palette at all – we actually really liked the colours. In fact I had recently tweaked the colours and added a few new colours to the palette, so it seemed pretty up-to-date and I am happy with how it goes with the logo too!

I did however update the brand guideline document for OLO, it goes into a little more detail about how the logo should and shouldn’t be used, the colour palette and typeface amongst lots of other useful rules that I like to stick to! Why not take a look at our brand guidelines document for yourself.

I couldn’t be happier with how our little brand refresh has finished up. I started out with the main aim of keeping things simple and timeless – in my opinion, just how a logo should be!