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Start Up Branding

Thinking of starting your own business? We’ve got this!

Start-up budgets may be tight, we get it (we were once a start-up, you know) – so creating that great first impression is crucial. It is much easier to build a positive perception from the start than it is to change an existing (less flattering) one!

But where do I start?

If you do not carefully consider your brand before you launch, your product or service could fall flat. Creating a start-up brand is a very complex process. There’s so much to consider from your logo, name, colours, type, voice, message, purpose, website, USP…you get the drift.

Sometimes it may be tempting to just get a logo knocked up and throw some money at marketing and the people (and money) will come flooding in, right? Wrong. Without fully investigating your business identity, marketing campaigns can easily become wasted revenue without a clear and emotive message.

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