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Branding is kind of our bag – its what we live for and get’s our jucies flowing. We’re all about creating brands that have something to say and we’ve helped create some right belters in our time!

Start-up Branding

So you’re starting your own business?
Then you are our cup of tea! At OLO, we love the entrepreneurial types, the risk takers and the rule breakers. We love creating brands from scratch and supporting you on your journey to complete awesomeness!

Brand Refresh

Sometimes a brand refresh is just what a business needs. A lot of the time things can look a little outdated, or the previous style of your logo isn’t quite touching the spot anymore. We can help freshen things up and give your identity the new lease of life it deserves.


Brands can become out-dated as businesses grow and evolve. If your current branding isn’t properly reflecting your values, services or products – then it may be time for an overhaul. We can re-align your brand identity to restore it’s power!

Brand Guidelines

If you’re a larger business and need your staff to understand how important your brand is, then maybe a brand guideline doucment is just what you need! We help create a guideline document that helps everyone within the business understand exactly what’s what.

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