Designers. Creative thinkers. Dog people.




As a small-but-mighty bunch of passionate designers, creative thinking comes naturally to us. We’re a friendly and down-to-earth bunch who love getting stuck in to creative partnerships!

Tom Haslam

Managing Director

Managing Director and self-proclaimed karaoke king—Tom is a designer-come-sportsman through and through. 

Tom gets involved in every bit of the business, from creative direction and business development to keeping tabs on the office pups – especially Ron!

Sophie Pedroza

Office Hero

Sophie is our office hero! Her super power is incredible organisation skills. She keeps everything in check here at OLO HQ.

That’s not where her talents end however, she’s also a very gifted painter, she can do a bit of body popping and bakes a banging batch of chocolate orange brownies!


Chief Ball Fetcher

Squeaky toy connoisseur Ronnie is a typical Jack Russell: always on the move and on the hunt for his next adventure.

Playful and a little loud, we can always rely on Ron to wake us up when we start to drift off in that mid-afternoon slump (much to Ivy’s dismay).


Queen Napper

Sassy but classy, Ivy keeps us all in check—especially Ronnie. That’s when she’s not taking her afternoon nap, that is. Or her morning nap. Or her lunchtime nap.

A kind and gentle pup – but don’t be fooled… give her a big field to run around in and you’ll be lucky to catch her!