Marketing strategy



The game plan

A marketing strategy is your business game plan. It distinguishes your long-term goals and outlines how you will achieve them in order to keep your business on the right track. This forward-thinking approach helps to create a sustainable, successful business.

Building a marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of your business. This involves knowing your customers, your product or service and your market. This is where we come in!

Through market research and the analysis of data, crucial elements like targeting, positioning, pricing, competition and your company values are clearly identified. This knowledge forms the backbone of every marketing campaign ensuring all your efforts are contributing towards the end game.

Having a strategy is an effective way of future-proofing your business by encouraging a consistent and informed push on growth. It helps you gain focus, which in turn helps to generate clarity in your messaging – and your ROI. Happy days!

We provide 3 levels of strategy services
to suit your business:

The life-saver

2-3 hr, on-site consultation

This service is ideal for start-ups, a new product launch or businesses entering a new market. It’s also useful for businesses who feel a bit stuck to ignite some inspiration. During this one-on-one consultation, our marketing specialist will help to hash out any potential pitfalls of a new business concept to avoid wasting vital resources on flawed business plans. You’ll receive professional and impartial advice to help you to move forwards with confidence – what a life-saver!

The Go get ’em

Half-day, on-site consultation

Many SMEs invest in marketing without any real strategy to back it up. This can lead to marketing campaigns failing to make an impact which, to be frank, is just a waste of time and money.

Our Go get ‘em session can save you from making this all-too-common mistake. The half-day audit allows us to get familiar with the nitty gritty of your company. Once we know what the crack is, we can then evaluate your current marketing activities and key messaging and identify opportunities to increase your ROI. Our recommendations are supplied in an actionable report – ready to implement. Go get ‘em!

The Master Plan

Full-day, on-site consultation

An in-depth marketing strategy is a lengthy and costly process that just isn’t realistic for small business owners. That’s why we developed The Master Plan; A tailored marketing and implementation plan to help your business to generate results – and fast!

Our marketing consultant will come and spend a full-day on-site to really get to grips with your business. After the consultation, a detailed report is formulated comprising of research and SWOT and PEST analyses, a competitor review and an investigation into your financial performance.
We then develop a clear marketing strategy complete with a schedule of implementation and key words research. We outline your objectives, target market, positioning, messaging and suggested strategic activity. The master plan is your fool-proof guide to marketing mastery!

Implementation and project management

We’re here to help – it’s part of what we do here at OLO. So grab your ideas and your new marketing plan and let’s get cracking. We offer a full implementation and project management service for on-going strategic marketing, meaning you don’t have to think about how your strategy is managed, we’ll do it for you!

This is usually offered to clients who choose to work with us on a retainer basis after the initial package has been delivered, usually for a 12-month period. We offer a number of packages to suit all budgets and business sizes.

It’s all about the ROI

We guarantee positive ROI results on all of our costs. Routinely clients who work with us on a retainer basis usually see a 450% return on their investment – quite a big claim huh? So why not put us to the test and see how we can help your business grow!