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Five Years In The Game!

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December 15, 2020

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Tom Haslam

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Getting started

Wow – OLO has made it to 5 years! Time has flown but also a lot has happened in such a short space of time. It has been a great 5 years, with a fair share of ups-and-downs and not to mention plenty of learning curves along the way. My passion for along time has been design but never did I believe I would eventually run my own business, never mind make it to 5 years!

When it all started it was all about finding my feet, building a good client base and enjoying doing what I do best. My dream was to have my own office and I was lucky enough to have been able to convert my Mums garage into the perfect working space, at the time this did the job but I knew when the time was right I wanted to move into an external place. I wasn’t sure how OLO would develop but I knew I had hope and plans for it to grow! 

Big steps forward

When I first moved into my own external office it was a huge step for OLO, but it was 100% the right one. Having the right environment and meeting like minded people was massively important to me and I found The Worksop Turbine fit the bill completely, even more beneficial that it was only a 5 minute drive from home.

Although I had plans to Grow OLO I didn’t expect it to happen as quickly as it did. Work load increased calling for me to recruit a small team of staff. This felt like a big step up for the business and moved OLO even further than I imagined in that short timescale; going from a one man band to a team of four which felt like overnight. Everyone in the team brought new skills and personalities. Being a people person I really enjoyed having my own little team in a new office space. The team were hard working and reliable and we had plenty of laughs, fuelled by baked goods and coffee. 

An unprecedented visitor

Then Covid 19 decided to come along! Which I’m sure everyone can agree knocked us off our feet… what a whirlwind this year has been. Huge changes happened very quickly and this meant changes within the business too. New business coming in slowed down and many of our current clients were having their own worries and changes too. Unfortunately this had a big impact on OLO, the team had to make very difficult decisions but it’s been a year of reflection and everyone has had to do what is right for them during this current time. All staff were assets to the team in their own right and I wish them all the very best of luck in their new careers! 

No one could have prepared us for the last year and it has been a huge learning curve that has come with its challenges and I’ve had to make some tough decisions myself. OLO is now back to just me, along with Ronnie & Ivy of course. I thought it was the right time to go back to basics, like I started 5 years ago but now in my own garage instead of my Mums.  

A fresh start – our very own brand refresh

Taking all that into consideration and in some ways you could say a coincidence as 5 years approached, we thought it was time to implement our very own brand refresh. We usually recommend to our own clients to think about refreshing their branding after 5 years – so we decided to practice what we preach. It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy with our previous branding but as other aspects of the business have changed this year, I thought this was a great time to refresh OLO and our visual identity.

The last few months have been pretty tough, but it’s now time to move forward and continue to find my passion and love for what I do! Five years has absolutely flown by and I have enjoyed every step of the way. I am now excited for the next stage of the journey and to see what lies ahead. We’ve got some exciting new projects on the horizon, a new office, a new way of working and a fresh start!